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December 19, 2020

Elliott and Christy Engagement

 “completely and perfectly and incandescently happy”- Jane Austin

Elliott and Christy- this beautiful, FUN couple… where do I even start when talking about them and who they are and their dreamy engagement session?! Seriously… I just have so much I can say!! I’ll just have to dive on in!

I first met Christy at church this year. Another friend at church introduced us because she said that we had so much in common and that we needed to meet. Sure enough, we had so much in common that we joke now when we find yet another commonality and say, “Are we the same person??” 

I am a first grade teacher along with doing photography and Christy is in her last year of college, preparing to become an elementary teacher! Our birthdays are within days of each other. We are the same enneagram number- we are helpers! We both had a parent pass away. We both read the “Christy Miller Series” by Robin Jones Gunn growing up and we also both have several half siblings! I could go on and on, but needless to say, Christy and I clicked right away. 

I remember going to coffee with Christy when we first met and we didn’t have much small talk- we quickly ventured into deep conversations and it was so nice being able to talk with another girl who identified with me in the pain of losing a parent. I am so thankful for Christy’s friendship!

Then, I met Elliott when I decided to go with my church group to climb some fourteeners… Grays and Torreys-which was amazing!! He was super lively, funny, and kept the morale up when we were all struggling a bit to breathe! He is really great at quoting movie scenes in the exact voices- especially Ratatouille! He told me he is going to be an architect. He also talked about Christy the whole trip (Christy was not there), and I thought, “Wow, this guy really adores her!” 

My husband and I started to get to know Christy and Elliott even more and we just love them. When Christy was not at church one day, Elliott told us his detailed plan for proposing to Christy. His plan was incredible. I was so honored when he asked me to be the photographer for them. I had just recently done a fun couple shoot for them and we had the best time.

I had to be super careful not to say anything to Christy after that because she started talking to me about the possibility of a soon engagement. I remember just listening, and nodding, and smiling, and shoving my mouth with food so I wouldn’t slip! Haha. I was very thankful when the time came for the proposal so I could finally fully express my sheer joy for them!!

Now to the details of this beautiful engagement. Elliott had planned to propose in Colorado Springs in November. There are sentimental reasons for him wanting to propose in Colorado Springs, his own parents have a special history there. He also wanted to propose in a beautiful place. Elliott chose to propose at Glen Eyrie Castle and for them to have tea there afterwards. So romantic!

The day finally came, November 22, and it was a gorgeous, chilly day! Markus and I made our way down to Colorado Springs, bursting with excitement for what was about to happen. I was texting with Elliott and he sent me his ETA and a picture of his proposal spot. Markus and I got there early to check out lighting, locations, prepare camera settings, and to hide!! When their ETA was approaching, Markus and I hid among some trees. I can say that masks actually came in handy in this situation- incognito!

We saw Elliott and Christy approaching the proposal spot and we ran up to capture him reading a beautiful letter to her and inside the envelope, there was the ring!

Christy emphatically said, “Yes!” They shared a sweet kiss and long hug. It was so moving and such a privilege to capture these beautiful moments.

After a few moments, we hugged them both and congratulated them. We then started walking around the castle area and taking pictures with the fairy tale- like backdrop. Truly breathtaking. They were on cloud 9!

Elliott and Christy were so fun to work with and such troopers with the chilly weather! It was so easy capturing both posed and candid shots with them because they are really great at executing poses and also really great at being silly with each other and making each other laugh/smile! They had us smiling and laughing the whole time while looking through our camera lenses (Markus second shot with me)!

Near the end of the session and close to their scheduled tea time, we started having golden light flood through the castle area and it was magical. I remember thinking, “God is shining down on them.” Their day was so gorgeous and perfect. 

I am so looking forward to seeing this couple get married and partner together for life. I know they are going to do so many great things and impact so many people with their personalities and giftings. We truly treasure their friendship!

We love you, Christy and Elliott!! 



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