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March 26, 2021

Chris and Alex- Evergreen

Mkay… Chris and Alex are just the cutest AND they are a very adventurous couple.

They didn’t even bat an eye when I asked if they were SURE they were still up for a shoot this day even though it was -5 degrees out. Yikes!

We drove into the mountains in Evergreen, Colorado and went to Evergreen Lake. It was super beautiful and a snow storm was about to settle in! We had limited time getting these shots, but man these 2 maximized our time like pros!

I gotta admit that I was a little nervous venturing out onto the frozen lake, but Alex jumped on it a few times to convince me it was frozen solid and safe 😛 Other people were on the lake snowmobiling, ice skating, and even ice fishing (you will see some recent marks on the ice).

My hands were frozen and I struggled pressing down the shutter, but we got the most beautiful shots surrounded by ice, snow, and evergreen trees. So dreamy! We joked that Alex would only get frostbite on her exposed knees haha!

We had to take a quick warm-up break and blast the heater in my car, but it was so worth it!

This couple is just SO fun and playful. I didn’t really have to give them many prompts because they were having fun and posing all on their own. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I enjoyed capturing it behind my lens!


You preggers, Chris? haha

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