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April 30, 2021

Taylor + Ciara

Taylor and Ciara everyone! Aren’t they just gorgeous?!

Have you ever wondered why something you were scheduling just wasn’t working out and then you finally are able to actually get to do said scheduled and rescheduled thing and then you are SO thankful it didn’t work out before???

Welll, that was me this session! Ciara and I had this session scheduled for awhile… but then some things came up that were really unexpected. We were bound and determined to make this session happen though so we persevered and I’m very happy we did- because we got Ciara’s dream weather for this shoot, which we wouldn’t have had if any of those previous scheduled times had worked out.

When Ciara and I were working together to plan this session, she told me that she would love to wear a pretty dress, have Taylor wear a tux, and she wanted it to be snowing. She loves winter time, snowboarding, and needless to say- snow!! She wanted a dreamy session of pretty and big fluffy flakes and that is exactlyyy what she got!

The day before we met for this shoot, I was checking the weather in Golden, CO, which was our location for the shoot. It showed light rain during our session time. I texted Ciara and was thinking, “Not again!” She joked that maybe the universe didn’t want this session to happen haha. We decided to wait and see if things changed and when I looked at the radar the morning of our planned evening session, it looked like the rain was now only going to be before our session time! Nice!

Could they be any cuter??!

I rushed home from work, gathered my gear (including my amazing new Canon R6 <3 ), and grabbed my amazing hubby to head to the shoot. As Markus drove us to Golden, I explained the behind the scenes photos and videos I wanted him to take for some reels- which he ended up coming in clutch with those by the way šŸ˜› haha.

We were approaching the mountains and I was getting a little concerned about the weather- thinking the forecast had lied to me and that the rain had waited until now. There were dark clouds and it was starting to sprinkle. Meanwhile, I was getting a little carsick looking down at my phone to check the radar and GPS while winding through the mountains. I prayed for the rain to clear.

We pulled into our location parking lot and out of nowhere the sprinkling of rain turned into beautiful, fluffy flakes… this was not on the forecast and it was truly an answer to prayer! This is ultimately what we wanted!! I had prayed for the sprinkling to clear, and yet we got the most ideal weather we had wanted!! SNOW!!!

It was sooo fun working with Ciara and Taylor and I truly mean that. They were very laid back, willing to try basically everything, and braved the cold in their fancy attire! Speaking of fancy attire, aren’t their outfits just gorgeous?! I love the color scheme. This was Ciara’s prom dress from her high school days. Love that she repurposed it for this shoot.

Ciara and Taylor are currently Colorado Christian University students. Ciara is studying graphic design (you should follow my tag on Instagram to see her beautiful work) and Taylor is studying to be a lawyer. Power couple.

So back to the weather… we had those dreamy flakes for the whole shoot and at the very end, it was snowing while the sun started to shine through the clouds and came through the trees- highlighting all the flakes. Surreal. Get this– literally RIGHT when we wrapped up the session, the snow stopped. It truly was as if God gave us that unexpected snow just for this shoot! I believe He did!

Just when I told Ciara and Taylor that I got some amazing shots and they could be done and warm up, Taylor scooped up Ciara to help her get through the snow and back to their car. I quickly grabbed some adorable candids of this moment.


Again, I could gush all day about this session and this stunning couple, but for now, I’ll just leave you with more pictures of these two smoke shows!

XO- Rachel

Stay tuned for more upcoming shoots!! Thanks for reading my newest blog post! Love you guys!!

  1. Monica says:

    Such a cute couple. Iā€™m glad the schedule worked out for them to have a gorgeous snow session.

  2. Brigitte says:

    These are so adorable! What a fun session in the snow

  3. Holly says:

    I love these! They are so fun and joyful!

  4. Sara says:

    Such a romantic snowy session!

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