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August 4, 2021

Chris + Alex- Boulder Rooftop

This session was so FUN and totally my aesthetic goals! I have dreamed of doing a rooftop session for awhile now and was so thrilled that these two hotties were up for it when I presented the idea for their session.

We planned to meet in Boulder for this session and I’m thrilled we did because right after this successful session, we all got some yummy gelato together on Pearl Street. Alex’s request. She even did a little gelato dance to convince us haha. I’m so glad she did- the gelato was delicious!! I got limoncello and mixed berry. YUM! We even had a street musician play a song for us as we ate the gelato…seriously a super fun night on all accounts.

One of the reasons I feel like this session turned out so beautifully and made me feel like I reached my aesthetic photo goals is that when they asked me what to wear, I said casual neutrals if they were down for it. Also, the setting sun’s hues that night were just so breathtaking! I feel like that combo was my vision for this session come to life.

Chris likes to skateboard and so sometimes, for dates, Chris and Alex go to the skate park and skate together. With this knowledge, I had to have him bring his skateboard and incorporate it into the session! It worked perfectly with our location!! At times, Chris got a little distracted and wanted to just bust moves on his skateboard. That skater boy 😛

Chris and Alex were so playful together. It was so easy to get a variety of photos with them because they were willing to try a lot of different poses (and rocked them), but also just did a lot of fun, playful things together that were unprompted. They were being their normal, goofy selves which made for great candid photos!

Another fun thing about this shoot is that my awesome hubby, Markus (aka: my second shooter), also came along to get some behind the scenes footage and to get some shots with our other camera, from a different perspective. I was SO proud of the shots he got! He says now he just needs to get a Canon R6 like me- he’s jealous I have the better camera haha. Besides getting some great shots, he absolutely kept us entertained with his random singing of Disney songs in funny voices. Side note: Markus does an amazing uncanny imitation of Sméagol’s voice as well. He definitely helps me get the candid laughter shots!

Now on to showing you the photos that I CANNOT STOP swooning about! *Insert all the heart eyes* We love you Chris and Alex! <3

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