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August 6, 2021

Ryan + Amberlyn Surprise Proposal

Ryan’s proposal! July 30, 2021. Morrison, Colorado

What a HUGE honor it was to photograph these sweet moments for Ryan and Amberlyn!!

Ryan reached out to me, from Alabama, after finding my photography page on Facebook. He was doing a search for photographers in the Denver area.

His message said, “Hello, I’m coming to Denver July 29 for the weekend with my girl to propose to her, looking for a photographer to capture the moment…”

It was so fun planning this surprise proposal with Ryan. Whenever Ryan talked about Amberlyn, he was so sweet and kept saying that he wanted everything to be perfect for her because she deserved it. Ahh, I couldn’t wait to meet these two and photograph this special moment for them!

Ryan asked if I could suggest a place with nice scenery and I suggested our favorite hiking spot that has a beautiful mountain overlook in Morrison, Colorado.

We planned to meet around 7pm so we could get that nice golden hour light.

I was a little concerned when the day came because it was pouring rain and there was a flash flood warning in the area.

I told Ryan about it but told him that if it started to downpour there, I knew of a pavilion in the area with a panoramic view that we could get to. I also said that maybe we could just say we were going for the epic Notebook look haha.

I prayed and kept looking at the forecast. It was amazing because the percentages for rain kept dropping in the area. I was thrilled! However, we did have to drive through several downpours to get there from our part of town- so worth it though!!

I told Ryan that the plan was for my husband and I to look like we were just hikers in the area, admiring the view. We dressed in workout clothing and brought our black lab, Junior, with us (to further the allusion). I instructed Ryan to look for us in the parking lot area (looking like we were getting our dog ready for the hike) and to nonchalantly follow us once he saw us walking towards the overlook. The overlook was not far from the parking lot at all but we wanted Ryan to know exactly where to go. Ryan told Amberlyn that they had to at least have one day of sightseeing in the mountains while they were in Denver.

I sent this picture to Ryan so he knew what we looked like that day.
I was taking pictures of Junior on my phone as we waited for Ryan to take Amberlyn to the overlook.

Ryan arrived and I kept acting like I was just taking cute pics of Junior. As soon as Ryan and Amberlyn got to the overlook, I whipped out my camera from my hiking bag (I had the settings all setup beforehand), and started capturing this beautiful moment for them!

I was so happy that no one else was in the area due to the weather seeming like it might be bad in the mountains during that time- but it was only really cloudy. I thought I would have to clue people in on the proposal and ask them to stay clear a little but they had the whole overlook to themselves- well besides us creepy “hikers” just standing around, ya know 🤪

Amberlyn of course readily said, “Yes.” It took a few moments for Amberlyn to realize I was standing there photographing them. I’m glad our had plan worked!

I snapped a few more pics of them on the overlook after introducing myself. I told Amberlyn that I hoped she was ready for a spontaneous, fun, engagement shoot! They both rocked it!! Ryan was grinning from ear to ear!

They got to meet Junior after having a few moments to soak in their newly engaged reality. I then lead them to different parts of the trail that are just as stunning as the overlook, such as the meadow you’ll see in some of the pictures.

It was so great getting to know more about Amberlyn and Ryan as we proceeded with the shoot! They both enjoy traveling and travel a lot. Amberlyn likes to wear Air Force 1s with dresses. They both have a lot of friends- which brings me to the point of saying that Ryan actually saved my number under his friend’s name so we could communicate easily without Amberlyn getting suspicious haha.

Funny- I asked Ryan how he convinced Amberlyn to wear a dress to the mountains and he said that she ALWAYS wears dresses so he didn’t have to say anything! How lucky was he?! When my husband told me to wear a dress, I absolutely knew he was proposing because I dress pretty casual most of the time 😜

How gorgeous is Amberlyn!? Showing up in a pretty dress with hair, makeup, and nails on point!! I mean who is she?! Wow! And Ryan showing up wearing attire that complements so well with hers. Incredible.

I promise I’m about to get to showing you all the shots from this beautiful surprise session, but I have to say that these two did great with posing and candid shots! They said that they weren’t used to being in front of the camera and I’m like hush, no- y’all look like freakin’ models! For reals!

We completed their session just in time because towards the end, it started lightening and the storm rolled in. Of course (as always), I said “Okay, we’re done!” after we got great shots… but then as we were walking back up the trail towards the parking lot, I said, “I’m so sorry but these trees look so beautiful and I need shots of y’all walking through the pines.” Thankfully they agreed! I do that at every session though, y’all! Haha. You think you’re done but nope!! My creative juices are still flowing!

We got back to the parking lot and after sweet goodbyes with this couple, who felt like friends, we started home. When I say they felt like friends, they really did- fellow southerners! If ya didn’t already know, I’m a Texas native (born and raised!)

As we drove off the mountain the lightening really picked up and I was SO thankful that the Lord heard my prayers about holding up the weather for us! We got home safely, of course after a celebratory Chickfila meal 😉 ahem, sweet tea baby.

Finally, without further ado, and what you’ve all been really waiting for (and what you may have already scrolled down to anyways)… the glowing couple! Ryan & Amberlyn!!!

Congrats you two!!! Love y’all!

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